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Romantic Tent

Comfort. Ease. Reconnect.

After spending the pandemic in a small apartment, we decided it was time to get back to nature and outdoors. We just didn't realize how important it really is. These are not just words to us, there is a lot of meaning behind them.


After spending a lot of time being forced to sleep outside (Army) we realized two things. One, we loved it outside and Two the ground is hard. So when we found glamping and fell in love. No need to sleep on the ground and rough it anymore.


Then we realized that people don't want to buy all the equipment to go camping. If they have the equipment, they most likely don't want to go set it all up. Instead, we can set it up for you so all you have to do is take it easy.


A few years locked in a box (thanks COVID) made us miss nature. We need to be part of nature and respect it. Watching plants and habitats come back during the pandemic made us understand how important our connection to nature really is. But we also found that we missed connecting with other people. There is just something about being in nature that helps you reconnect.

We are dedicated to the protection of the environment. Our goal is to be as eco friendly as possible. 

Bell tents near lake


We are a family/veteran owned and operated small business. 

Tameika Roames

Tameika Roames

Tameika is one of the most hard-working people you will meet. She is a 15-year veteran still serving in the Army Reserves. Tameika has a BA & MA in Criminology and graduates this fall with an MS in Phycology. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in psychology.  

John Roames

John Roames

20-year Army Retired veteran who loves the outdoors and helping others. John spent a few years in the corporate world before realizing that he wanted to make more of a difference in people's lives. He has a BSBA in marketing and pursuing his MBA.

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