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The Gift of Glamping anytime of the year!

Glamping should be enjoyed by all!! Our company makes it easier than ever to be able to Glamp! You can have a setup in your backyard, waiting for you while your out hiking in Shenandoah Valley or as your sleep accommodations after your wedding event!! 

How do I use the gift card?

It's up to you! You can load a package amount onto the card for yourself or someone else, or you can choose the amount you want to go on the card. When the card is redeemed we put that towards a Glamping experience and make sure to add it when you book!!! We have virtual and physical cards for purchase. If you'd like a physical card sent to you, please email us at 


Do I have to book now? 

No you do not. You can book for any future experience. These gift cards are redeemable at anytime after October 15th, 2022.  

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