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FlowerStock Rental Agreement

You are hiring Evolution Glamping LLC to provide Glamping services which includes set up and break down of rented equipment. What you can expect from Evolution Glamping is professional service through email, text, or in-person communication. 


Evolution Glamping LLC will invoice the Client shortly after receiving the submission form. The Client agrees to pay the reservation fee of $50 plus tax within 7 days of receiving the invoice. The client agrees to pay the full balance on the invoice(s) 30 days prior to the event. Reminders will be sent before the due date. Unpaid or overdue invoices, greater than 5 days, will result in the termination of the rental agreement.

Damage of Property

If there is any damage such as: tears, rips, burns, or breakage of any equipment, please notify us either before pick up or at the time of pickup. If anything has been damaged, the Client may be required to pay a given amount for the damages.

Immediate Notification of Equipment Malfunction

If there is anything wrong with the equipment in the tent, please let us know as soon as it has been identified. We will replace, repair, or update anything that is wrong within 12 hours of notification. Refunds will not be provided if notified after the event.

Payment methods

Payment will be made to the Business via cash, check, an approved payment card, or by any other payment method determined by the Business.

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation is requested, 30 days or more, is a full refund. All refunds within 30 days will be on a case-by-case basis and not guaranteed. 

Acts of Nature

If the event is rescheduled due to acts of nature (hail, thunderstorms, lightning, earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes) your reservation will be automatically rescheduled at no charge. 

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